Lexus GS 300 h Full Hybrid: Comfort Rolling silence on Board

This GS 300 h is a new illustration of the long-term commitment in the Lexus full hybrid technology.

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Marketed in France since 2012, the fourth generation Lexus GS had so far three models: the GS 250, GS 350 AWD and high-performance flagship, the GS 450h Full Hybrid. Lexus now sells the fourth model in the range, the GS 300 h Full Hybrid. Meanwhile, several developments in design, technology and safety have been introduced on all models of the GS range.


The new GS 300 h is powered by the second generation of Lexus Hybrid similar to that which is already IS 300 H. It offers a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of CO2, NOx and particulates without giving anything on performance.

The full hybrid system combines a powerful 143 horsepower electric motor and a gasoline engine 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder, 16-valve, double overhead camshaft head with the latest generation direct injection D-4S, the dual variable intelligent distribution VVT-i and a recirculation system of the exhaust gas at high efficiency. The engine delivers 181 horsepower at 6,000 rev / min and a torque of 221 Nm between 4,200 and 5,400 rev / min.

The rear-wheel drive is provided via electronic CVT VTEC of this hybrid system, that produces a combined output of 223 horsepower.

The new Lexus full hybrid displays a low level of CO2 emissions from 109 g / km, with an average consumption of 4.7 l/100 km.


Like other models in the GS range, the GS 300 h offers attractive driving experience. Good road, well finished, it is comfortable and happy encourages the Senate pace, especially in cities where it has a few times in pure electric mode. The wide and pleasant multifunction display describes the operating modes of the car, now led by the electric motor, thermal, or both, when the latter does not recharge the battery via the generator first.

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The interior is spacious and fits into the continuity of the internal processing of the latest generation of Lexus models. The ergonomic cockpit, divided into two areas, focusing on the driver seat offers possible settings increased with an ideal position control and man-machine interface of advanced technology that allows a careful and comfortable ride on time long.

GS offers generous space for all occupants, with particular attention to headroom and legroom. The seats provide comfort and exceptional maintenance, suitable for passengers with very different statures. Door openings front and rear, redesigned, easy boarding and exit, especially vis-à-vis the headroom.

Complementing the exceptional cabin comfort, materials and finishes create a beautifully crafted atmosphere with a premium level of quality and attention to detail that honors the universal reputation of Lexus.

Tax Benefits

The GS 300 h Business (109 g / km CO2) and luxury (110 g / km) qualify for an environmental bonus of 3,300 euros for individuals and businesses. For GS 300 h Business, companies receive more than exemption from TVS in the first eight quarters of possession, a benefit of 880 euros. In addition, depending on the region, hybrid vehicles receive a free or reduced 50% of the gray card.

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